Exterior Painting
Interior Painting
Repairs & Renovations
Paintworks provides the best value for your investment.  We pressure wash to remove loose paint or stain, mildew, dirt, and surface salts before painting. We thoroughly scrape & sand areas where the existing paint has deteriorated.  If rotted wood is present, we can repair or replace it.  Paintworks uses the highest grade of acrylic elastomeric caulk and premium primers.  We top it all off with premium acrylic topcoats to give you a finished product that will last for 7 to 10 years.  You can get it done for less but it won't last!
I started Paintworks in 1986 and I have extensive experience in residential and commercial repaints. My employees understand my methods and the need for utmost care when working in someone's home or business.  We are neat, meticulous, personable, and careful of your belongings.  We respect the fact that we are intruding on your daily routine and try our best to minimize that discomfort.
All homes require a little TLC now and then. I have nearly 30 years experience in painting, repairs, and renovations.  We can do most anything from simple sheetrock repairs to structural fixes.  I have a knack for creative solutions that are cost effective, safe, and code compliant.